Times feature on upstate orchestras

Today the Times published a reported piece on the state of orchestras in Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany. It features a beautiful shot of Kodak Hall at the Eastman School of Music, part of the University of Rochester.



Though orchestras everywhere are struggling, the ones in these three cities are experimenting with techniques to draw new audiences, some of which are quite innovative. The story ends with a quote from the director of the Albany Symphony: “When I moved here from Los Angeles, I was very sad in the fall,” Mr. Miller said of Albany. “All the leaves died and fell off the trees, and I associated fall with death. And then finally my wife had to explain to me that it’s not about death. People love fall because it’s the first step to rebirth.”’

The most striking sentence in the story is this one, four paragraphs in:  “(This year’s festival starts on Monday; article, Page 17.)” It’s not hyperlinked.

That sentence is obviously meant for print. It’s amazing that it was not only unamended but also failed to link to the proper article. I’m a fan of both orchestras and news sources, but it’s grim to see one institution that has been struggling in the digital age is covered as a story of hope and rebirth by another institution that has seen arguably greater wrenching changes in the digital age. When the latter is so obviously stuck in the past, doesn’t it feel like conditions are bleak for both institutions?

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