Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

This was a slog to get through. It’s good if you really want to learn the history of Apple. Also good if you want to know what a mean person Steve Jobs was. He’s a not a nice person person, and his face is plastered on so many inspirational posters. He should not be a role model.

Moments I remember best:

  • When he refused to give stock to employee #12, college friend Daniel Kottke.
  • When he abandoned his daughter, and acknowledged paternity only after a lot of pressure. He swore in a court document that he was sterile in order not to provide care.
  • When he cheated Wozniak out of a few thousand dollars when they designed a circuit board for Atari.
  • When he hardly acknowledged his parents as they dropped him off at Reed, after they sacrificed a great deal so that he could go.
  • And being a very mean boss in general.

Apple is mostly a design firm, hardly a company that’s revolutionizing technology. Sure he might be a genius, but there are CEO’s who better deserve our respect. I wish that we’d all be a lot more measured in our praise for this guy.