I’ve worked at the following places, nearly everywhere as an intern:

(links go to a sample of my work, or if not public-facing, to my division)

Shopify, content marketing on the growth team, 7 months.

University of Rochester, communications, 3 years (basically most of college while I double-majored in econ and philosophy).

Alcatel-Lucent, customer experience marketing solutions, 3 months.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, strategic planning in the executive offices, 3 months.

Huffington Post, investigative reporting and assistant to Radley Balko, 4 months.

Givology, development, 4 months.

Royal Canadian Army Cadets, a corporal when I departed, 2 years.

You can see these in more detail on my LinkedIn profile. Here’s a PDF of my resumé, current as of September 2014.

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