Things I like to read and learn more about

A few things I’m interested in. Please talk to me about these if you’re expert in these.

  • Microeconomics: every aspect

  • History of technology

  • Commercial life and its effect on ethics

  • U.S. Constitution, in particular Article II powers, commerce clause, contract clause, First Amendment right to speech, Fourth Amendment right to privacy, Fifth Amendment takings power

  • How we signal socially and how we process stories

  • Verdi’s operas, Liszt’s piano transcriptions

  • Real life application of finance ideas, e.g. alpha, efficient markets.

  • Econometrics and regression analysis

  • Board games (the ones that aren’t fancy dice games)

Some people (mostly professors)  I like to read

  • Peter Thiel on technology, science, and finance

  • Robin Hanson on signalling and robots

  • Tyler Cowen on anything that he blogs about

  • Richard Epstein on torts, contracts

  • John Cochrane on finance

  • Steven Landsburg on microeconomics

  • Randy Barnett on contracts and the commerce clause

  • Ilya Somin on executive power, property

  • Alex Tabarrok on statistical misconceptions, technology

  • Bryan Caplan on education, immigration

  • Vaclav Smil on energy transitions

My favorite long-form journalists; I will always read their new articles.

  • Radley Balko, WashPost

  • Glenn Greenwald, First Look

  • David Grann, New Yorker

  • George Packer, New Yorker

  • Lauren Collins, New Yorker

  • Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker

  • Charles Mann, Wired, and various

  • Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair

  • Bess Levin, Dealbreaker

  • Matt Levine, Bloomberg

Things that I haven’t yet gotten the chance to read and learn more about

  • René Girard’s Mimetic Theory

  • Richard Posner’s ideas on common law, efficiency, and law and economics

  • Fernand Braudel’s examinations of commercial life

  • Leo Strauss on how to read and think