How do you maximize the pleasure of watching a Netflix series?

In 2006 Tyler Cowen asked how to go through his stock of Battlestar Galactica DVDs. The general question is how to maximize the pleasure of watching many hours of a series. Do you do it all in one shot, or find some means of spreading them out?

It’s not just old DVDs of The Wire or The Sopranos. You can similarly ask how best to consume House of Cards of Netflix. There are lots of things to maximize for, e.g. the pleasures of anticipation, the indulgence of watching everything in one shot, or episode engagement.

My favorite suggestions are:

Have a strict rule, such as one a day.

Have a stranger impose a rationing pattern.  Sometimes we call this stranger the Science Fiction Channel.

Refuse to watch the last episode, in an attempt to deny your mortality.

Watch them at an increasing rate.

The last suggestion is especially interesting.