Places I’ve lived

I’ve spent roughly equal parts of life in America, Canada, and China. Here’s that journey.


I was born in Kunming, a city in southern China, in a province that borders Myanmar and Vietnam. I grew up in a happy family until the age of seven. There I attended kindergarten and a single semester of elementary school.

Mom and dad decided that the three of us should live in Canada. We moved to Mississauga, on the outskirts of Toronto, in February, 2002. There I saw snow for the first time. I recall attending two elementary schools: Fisher Park (?) and Kingslake.

We moved to Ottawa in 2002. My dad started his Master’s in computer science. By then I was in grade four, attending Viscount Alexander.

We stayed in Ottawa for about seven years. I took the bus every day down Bank Street to Glashan Public School through grades seven and eight. This is the first and only school in which I stayed uninterrupted and for the full grades available.

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